Body Image-Love Yourself!

May 4, 2017

What is the perfect body anyway??? How many “perfect” people do you see on a daily basis? Everyone and every culture has their own opinion of what they find attractive and what they want there bodies to look like- toned, skinny, curvy, athletic looking… we all want what we don’t have usually. We all have this image in our minds of what we dream to look like (usually whatever is in the media and thrown in our faces all the time) but trying to attain this desire can be demoralising. It is important to have a goal, to be healthy, and keep active BUT it is also important to love how you are right now and accept that we have busy lives and cannot always live up to that perfect lifestyle- and lets face it being naughty occasionally is fun right!! I think it is ridiculous how bad we make ourselves feel at times because we don’t have a washboard stomach or whatever. There is nothing wrong with trying to get one but feel good about yourself throughout the journey . We need to be happy with ourselves more often- this takes practice repetitive positive thoughts about ourselves. If you find yourself thinking or saying something negative about yourself stop yourself in your tracks and replace it with a positive- are you just living up to this fantasy that very few people can achieve- are you really beautiful just the way you are??!! YES should be the answer to that. Look at the Caribbean- curves are sought after there! Someone from the Caribbean told me they were perfectly happy with themselves until they came to the UK then they got an eating disorder!!! What does that say about our media and way of thinking in the West- awful!!


I have desired a toned non fat existent belly for years and I was very close on a few occasions; once when I was on a dance job in Greece, dancing and going to the gym daily and also after my training in India when I was doing 4 hours of Yoga a day and got Delhi belly. As you can tell when I’m not living my regular busy life I can slim right down. Anyway the truth is I love food (good quality food that is), I’m not into eating like a bird and I am active everyday but not as much as I would like because I run two businesses and teach and work in clinic all day and evening. So my point is we have to be realistic and accept who we are. Weigh up what makes us happy, what makes us healthy and find a balance.

Yoga, Yogic Philosophy and Meditation have helped me to love the way I am and have helped put things into perspective. They still do on a daily basis, which is why I practice daily. I still need a boost of self -love now and again when those negatives try to creep in! If you are totally confident in yourself other people can’t offend you, which in turn reduces the suffering in your life. I will write more about this in future blogs!

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