How I Stopped Binge Eating- 1st Step to recovery

May 4, 2017

I guess the first step to my recovery was telling my boyfriend and the doctor, getting counseling, admitting I had a problem, and starting to do something about it. You have to want to change! I decided after my mum was ill that I wasn’t going to make myself sick again and that was that! I haven’t done since but you still have to get over the negative thought patterns and the binge eating habit. My mum was on life support for a week after having her stomach removed because of stomach cancer and they told us she had a 10% chance of living. This puts things into perspective that life is too short to worry about unimportant things like how you look, whether you have a flat stomach or not and what everyone else thinks about you! You suddenly realise that bad things can happen to you. It was the longest week of my life and the most traumatic! I felt like it wasn’t real and I was in a movie or an episode of Casualty. She recovered slowly, had to learn how to walk again and today she is amazing and comes to my Ashtanga Yoga classes twice a week and can even do handstands and headstands. She is an inspiration.

BUT my real step to recovery was actually by accident and I was seeking help on something unrelated (or so I thought at the time). I went Paleo after going to see a chiropractor about my achilles tendonopathy and back pain that I was having. There I was a Pilates teacher with back pain! Us Pilates teachers don’t like to admit we have lower back pain! Thinking about it now a lot of it was probably due to stress and anxiety linked in with what I was going through but I didn’t realise this at the time. I had phases where I couldn’t sit for long periods of time without it aching so much that I had to start going for walks in the evening after dinner. The chiropractor told me to try going Paleo to reduce inflammation. Because it was a health care professional telling me to do this and because I was really intrigued to see if it would actually work I did it to the book! It meant cutting out dairy, gluten and processed foods. It was basically a caveman diet where you eat natural things that you would find in the wild that don’t need to be processed to eat- vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, nuts and seeds. Dairy especially caused inflammation in the body and meat that was not organic and grass fed. I started getting my meat delivered from a farm up north that was organic and grass fed because I couldn’t find any in the supermarkets that I trusted to be good enough. The meat was amazing.

I did this strictly for a long time leading up to my wedding in 2012 and lost weight and felt great but my main benefit was it stopped me binge eating or feeling the need to binge eat on processed food! This was a REVELATION! I had to make things from scratch and couldn’t just buy normal chocolate or cakes I had to find natural ways of getting sugar. My back did feel better and my achilles tendon was better but not fully but I WASN”T BINGE EATING!!! I found I had to be strict because as soon as I did eat sugar again I felt I was back to square one.

Mentally I felt so much better but I was getting questioned by all my friends and family who were not convinced it was the best thing to do. They were worried about me cutting things out of my diet. But little did they know they had less to worry about me then than what they used to. I told them that I had read and researched about it and it all made sense to me. Natural is better! The less processed your food is and the less additives that are in food the better. Eventually some of them listened to me and actually started doing it themselves and also started to feel better!

I was using coconut oil to cook with I used an amazing cookbook that the chiropractor recommended called “Everyday Paleo”. My favorite recipes were egg muffins, apple muffins, pecan chicken, blueberry pancakes and deviled eggs. I was amazed that I didn’t need to use gluten, wheat or dairy in cooking and that I didn’t need chocolate and cakes I had healthy alternatives that tasted even better! It gave me a healthy focus and kept me on track away from reoccurring bad habits of binging on cakes, biscuits ad chocolate. I have always enjoyed cooking and baking so I found pleasure in trying and experimenting with new recipes and ways of cooking.

The focus and research into nutrition alone has helped me develop a good relationship with food. Mindful eating and being aware of why you are eating what you eat and knowing how it is affecting your body and your mood is what has helped me. It was no coincidence that when I started to eat sugar loaded processed food that I couldn’t stop eating it and ended up depressed. I blamed myself, my self- control and partly that was to blame, but the food itself and what was in it caused hormonal reactions in the body and it is addictive!! I read that sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine! I am still trying things out and it’s my thoughts and findings that I want to share with you in this and future blogs.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring and cutting out bad stuff and processed food can actually be really fun and eye opening to what exciting food is out there!

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