How Yoga Helps Keep Me Sane

May 4, 2017

I guess Yoga makes me put things into perspective.  It gives me a chance to slow down and look at the bigger picture. Big problems become smaller when you slow down and breath. I love Yoga after the crazy world of dance where looks are everything, you get judged everyday, and you are constantly judging yourself.  You are in constant competition with everyone you train and audition with. You want to be the brightest spark in the room otherwise you feel like you have failed! So you can imagine what a breath of fresh air Yoga was with its non- judgment and non- competitive nature! I love that it is a daily challenge; the journey is never ending so you cannot fail and no effort is wasted. You can take it into your everyday life to make it happier. It is a journey for yourself, a self study and there is no wrong or right- brilliant huh! As my Yoga teacher in India used to say to us “there is no medal for achieving this posture”. When you achieve one you move onto the next one.  There is no pat on the back or well done you just take it in your own stride. It’s fun trying to achieve them (well most of them :)) and like life there are ups and downs, postures that are NOT your favourite, tension you have to work through and strength you have to build over time.  People take different lengths of time to achieve postures and some will never achieve certain postures due to restrictions in their body.   For me its that dam Kurmasana that my body and mind just doesn’t like right now, Eka Pada Sirsasana (leg over the head posture) is my nemesis and the full jump through still seems a long way off- but achieving them does not matter it’s the journey and how you feel along the way that matters.

It seems silly if you have never done Yoga that it can mean so much but it can be life changing if you let it.  It can change the way you think about things and change your mood on a daily basis. I have often started a practice not even wanting to do it but by the end feel content and happy.  I have also had not such great practices but hey that is life. Yoga gives you time to deal with your thoughts- a busy mind and lifestyle needs that time. I would encourage everyone in the world to do it as a foundation of living! However you practice it- meditation, postures, breathing, philosophy or all of it! I feel everyone needs a bit of Yoga in their lives

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