Workshops and Courses

Back Bending Yoga Workshop

Back bending keeps our spines young and mobile and counter balances all the forward flexing and sitting that we do a lot in our daily lives. This workshop will break down back bending and work up towards some more challenging back bends that you will find in the primary and secondary series of Ashtanga Yoga. All levels are welcome you just work at your own pace and stick with modifications when necessary.


8th June 2018 6.30-8.30pm, £10 BOOK ONLINE (

12thh October 2018 6.30-8.30pm, £15 BOOK ONLINE (

Back Strength and Flexibility Pilates Workshop

This workshop focuses on flexibility of the spine particularly back extension and flexion. We do a lot of flexion in our daily lives so its vital we know how to do this efficiently with a strong and flexible spine and core. It is also important that we balance our bodies by reversing this movement so doing the opposite to stretch all the shortened muscles we use in flexion. This is where we practice back extension, chest opening and hip extension. We will start with simple movements breaking exercises down and work up to some classical Pilates exercises. All levels are welcome.


26th October, 6.30-8pm, £10 Book Online (

Hip Opening Yoga Workshop

This workshops works on releasing the muscles all around the hip joint to create more freedom, strength and flexibility around the joint. Tightness in the hips can create problems in the knees and lower back. We will star off with basic postures building up to some more challenging hip openers that are in the primary and intermediate series of Ashtanga yoga such as Kurmasana, Supta Kurmasana and Eka Pada Sirsasana. All levels welcome you just stick with the modified versions or work your way up to full.


21st September 2018, 6.30-8.30pm, £15


Full Body Yin Yoga Workshop

We will be stretching from head to toe! Giving our bodies plenty of time to relax and lengthen. It will include Pranayama (breath work) and Meditation. There are plenty of props to use to modify postures. All postures are seated or lying down. All levels are welcome.

20th July 2018, 6.30-8.30pm, £15, BOOK ONLINE

Meditation and Pranayama

This course/class starts with breathing techniques to focus and calm the mind and cleanse and detoxify the body. Once the mind is calm and focused through the breathing you will then do a mindfulness meditation. Meditation is the space between your thoughts and a time to practice feeling content in the moment you are in. The more you practice meditation the calmer you will be. When you have fewer thoughts rushing through your head your mind will be more efficient. It is about dealing and being aware of thoughts that do come up not blocking them. Thoughts are normal and that internal chitter chatter is normal but we can work on making it quieter and more manageable using different techniques that we will go over.

*6 Week Course starting Tuesday 19th June 7.30-8pm, £30 BOOK NOW

29th June Meditation and Pranayama Workshop 6.30-7.30pm, £10 BOOK ONLINE

Arm Balancing Yoga Workshop

This workshop will work on increasing upper body and core strength for arm balances such as crow pose, peacock, handstands, forearm balances and jump through. We will work with all levels and give you enough time to really play with the postures and give you some good tips and exercises that will help you succeed.

22nd June 2018, 6.30-8.30pm, £10 BOOK NOW

9th November, 6.30-8.30pm, £15 BOOK NOW

Shoulder Strength and Flexibility Pilates Workshop

Work on reversing rounded, tight shoulders that can occur after a lot of computer work or driving. Strengthen the shoulder joint to decrease your chance of injury and built up tension in that area. We will break down all the movements of the shoulder and spend time stretching and strengthening the muscles around the joint minimizing the chance of pain, tension and injury in the shoulders and neck area.


23rd November 6.30-8pm, £10 BOOK NOW

Hips, Knees and Ankles Pilates Workshops

This workshop works on flexibility and strength around the hips, knees and ankle joints. There will be a large amount of standing exercises working on alignment and balance. It would be great for sports people, runners and cyclists who have issues in these areas or anyone who needs to correct alignment and increase flexibility and stability around the ankle, knee or foot. You will find these areas closely relate to one another and a problem in one will effect the other and also effect up into the lower back.


21st December, 6.30-8pm, £10 BOOK ONLINE