Yoga Retreat

Possible Yoga Retreat 16th- 23rd September
Agistri Island, Greece

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Come to the beautiful island of Agistri to deepen your Yoga practice. Doesn’t matter what level you are everyone is welcome! Daily meditation, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Ashtanga Yoga and Yin Yoga by the sea whilst watching the sunrise in the morning and when it starts to cool and set in the evening. Everyone who comes to Agistri falls in love with it and wants to come back over and over again. It’s a perfect place to relax and feel your body and mind unwind.


The retreat is based on the beautiful island of Agistri, which is a 45 minutes boat trip from Athens. Pilates classes will take place in both the morning and evening in front of beautiful calm sparkling sea water. The morning class will be done as the sun rises and the evening one as it starts to cool down.

Kekrifalia hotel has luxury rooms all with sea views and it has its own private beach. There are some lovely scenic walks to do around the island with quaint little villages along the way where you can stop and have a drink and a swim in the calm seawaters to cool off. Everyone will get a free Sports Massage to enjoy at anytime they wish throughout the week to release tension and improve posture so you can get the most out of your Pilates classes. On the first two days I will be doing one to one sessions with everyone, at a time that suits you, to find out what you would like to achieve and to make sure everyone benefits from the class exercises and improves throughout the week. The Aloe Vera cleanse will leave you with a wonderful feeling of wellbeing and will allow your body to function at 100%. To top it off you have delicious healthy Greek food to enjoy all week!

Pilates on the beach
Sunset in greece
Price Package
£900 Single occupancy room
£680 Shared twin room double occupancy *

* (Two people must book together for this price, there may be an option if someone else books and wants a shared room and doesn’t mind sharing with someone they don’t know. Please request on the booking form.)

What is included:

Available throughout the week

Price Excludes:


You need to fly to Athens. Make sure you book an early flight on the way out around 7am to make sure you arrive on the island in good time and that you can get a boat over in the daylight. The boats stop running at 6pm. The other option is to stay over in Athens the night before. There are some good flight prices around if you BOOK EARLY! Prices do go up quite a lot so I would recommend booking as soon as possible for the best prices. On the way back book an afternoon/evening flight that will allow you to get the boat across and to the airport from the port of Piraeus.

From Athens Airport

You can either get a bus for 5 euros from the airport to Piraeus port or a taxi. They are both outside the airport and well sign posted.

Piraeus Port

I would recommend the Flying Dolphins or Hellenic Seaways Dolphins as they are faster boats and take around 45mins, cost around £12. We can then arrange a taxi to pick you up from scala which is a bout a 5 minute drive. The Ferries are cheaper, take a bit longer, 1hr 15, but they arrive about 2 minutes walk from the hotel so no need for a taxi.

For timetable and more information on boats go to:
Boat Timetable

From port at Agistri to Kekrifalia Hotel. We will come and pick you up from the port and take you to the hotel.

Our Classes

Pilates Classes
his class is for those suffering with lower back and hip problems.


Yoga Classes
This class is the beginners version of the Ashtanga Primary series.


One to One
It is advisable to have a one to one session before you begin a Pilates course.


    Double occupancy twin room £690Single occupancy room £910

    DiabetesHigh Blood PressureLow Blood PressureSciaticaPregnancy

    Heart ConditionsCarpel Tunnel SyndromeArthritisOsteoporosisLower Back Pain

    Any other spinal conditionsPelvic PainProlapsed discsBronchitisStrokeDermatitisEpilepsyCancerAsthmaInjuriesOther

    Please inform your teacher immediately should any of the conditions above arise or if any of your details change.

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