Welcome to Pilates Through Life

Pilates Through Life offers Pilates Retreats, and Pilates and Yoga Classes to suit everyone whatever age, gender or ability you are.

Pilates and Yoga are a brilliant and effective form of exercise that can be done by anyone at any stage in your life.

Movement helps to heal your body and keeps it healthy throughout your life.

Prevent aches and pains in the future by stretching and strengthening your body now!

We all think we are absolutely fine until something goes wrong. We often wait until something goes wrong to do something about it. Others stop moving because they are worried that it will make things worse BUT it will not make things any better! I believe that we should always move as much as we possibly can and moving can heal the body if it is done correctly.

Our classes and courses are designed to enable you to keep moving and practicing whether you are recovering from an injury or health condition or if you are a sporting athlete that wants to keep your body and mind balanced, strong and flexible.

Energise Fitness Studio

I have just started to manage the Energise Fitness Studio located at Southcote Proactive Healthcare in Maidstone. Therefore a lot of my classes have been moved to this location and can be booked via the Energise website www.energisefitness.co.uk. Energise Fitness offers a range of Pilates, Yoga, Qigong and Fitness classes and it is well worth a look at their timetable (link on the top of this page).

I started Pilates to compliment my cycling as I felt I needed to build up some core strength and flexibility, and almost 1 year on, I can definitely feel the improvements, less back problems generally and whilst cycling, making my rides much more comfortable with that extra core support.

Adam West

Alison is always so supportive and gently encourages me the whole time. She is friendly, always positive and teaches in a very relaxed way. A true professional and an excellent teacher. Alison makes exercise both challenging and fun at the same time.

Lynda Sawyer