Yoga Sun Salutations During Pregnancy 1st-2nd Trimester

August 11, 2019

My practice and experience during my pregnancy 4-18 weeks As soon as I found out I was pregnant I modified my practice straight away.  Some people will carry on as normal, some people will be advised not to practice during their first trimester especially if they haven’t got a regular practice already, and some like […]

How Yoga Helps Keep Me Sane

May 4, 2017

I guess Yoga makes me put things into perspective.  It gives me a chance to slow down and look at the bigger picture. Big problems become smaller when you slow down and breath. I love Yoga after the crazy world of dance where looks are everything, you get judged everyday, and you are constantly judging […]

Body Image-Love Yourself!

What is the perfect body anyway??? How many “perfect” people do you see on a daily basis? Everyone and every culture has their own opinion of what they find attractive and what they want there bodies to look like- toned, skinny, curvy, athletic looking… we all want what we don’t have usually. We all have […]

How I Stopped Binge Eating- 1st Step to recovery

I guess the first step to my recovery was telling my boyfriend and the doctor, getting counseling, admitting I had a problem, and starting to do something about it. You have to want to change! I decided after my mum was ill that I wasn’t going to make myself sick again and that was that! […]

What Happened When I Told Everyone…

It was not an easy decision to post what I did in my first blog but if I am going to write about what I am passionate about from an honest place it needed to be done.   I was really worried about how people would react and I hoped people wouldn’t lose respect for me […]

My Story My Struggle

I am very honest and open about many things in life but there is one part of me that I have never shared. It’s finally time to confess and tell people about something I have struggled with mentally for a while now. The reason why nutrition has helped me so much and why I need […]