One to One

It is advisable to have a one to one session before you begin a Pilates course so that we can assess you and decide the best class for you. The teacher will then know you and your body well before you enter the class. You will end up getting more out of your classes this way.

Some people prefer to continue with one to one sessions either instead of joining a class or as well as the classes. You can do this however you wish either weekly, monthly or as and when suits you. We will give you a list of exercises to carry on with whilst you are at home so you can continue your Pilates practice in between your one to one’s.

Benefits of one to ones


1 Hour Session – £35.00

OFFER: 6 Sessions for the price of 5 – £175.00

If you sign up for a course after your one to one you get £10 off your first course.


1:1’s are held at: